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In some cases, it’s best to extract a tooth, either to treat the oral health problem or as the first step in replacing it. Extractions can stop the spread of infection and prevent further damage to your teeth, jaw, and gums. At his Beverly Grove, Los Angeles office, experienced dentist Derrick L. Thompson, DDS, performs extractions of teeth that are significantly damaged, decayed, or overcrowded, including wisdom teeth. Don’t let tooth pain wait. Book an appointment as soon as possible by calling or texting today!

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Extractions Q & A

When are extractions necessary?

Dr. Thompson can perform many cosmetic and restorative procedures to repair or replace teeth, but sometimes, extraction is what’s best. In some cases, he may recommend extracting a tooth before performing another procedure to replace the tooth, including placing an implant or crown. There are also situations where it makes the most sense to remove a tooth altogether.

Some tooth injuries are too severe to fix through veneers, bonding, or crowns. In that case, Dr. Thompson may recommend extracting it, especially if the problem requires urgent care.

If you have a dental infection that’s spread and you’re in severe pain, it may be safest to pull the tooth to control the infection. Sometimes infections are beyond root canal or antibiotics, or the risk may be too high if you have an immune system condition.

Dr. Thompson may also pull teeth that are overcrowded, including wisdom teeth. If your teeth don’t fit into your mouth, you may need to have one or more of them pulled before you start orthodontic treatment, such as Invisalign®.

What is a wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth are among the most commonly extracted teeth. Your wisdom teeth come in when you’re in your late teens or early twenties, long after the rest of your permanent teeth erupt. They’re located at the very back of your mouth and are also known as third molars.

Wisdom teeth sometimes grow in straight, and you can use them the same way you would your other molars. Unfortunately, they’re often impacted, which means they don’t erupt properly. Impacted wisdom teeth are either partly or fully trapped under your gums.

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause complications, including pain, infection, and pressure on your other teeth. Extracting them is often the best way to treat or prevent these complications.

What can I expect from an extraction?

Extractions are a somewhat different procedure depending on whether they’re “simple” or “surgical”:


If your teeth are fully visible, Dr. Thompson can perform a simple extraction. It’s a quick process, where he grasps the tooth with a dental tool, wiggles it, and pulls it out of the socket. He then cleans the area and places gauze to stop the bleeding.


A surgical extraction is necessary when the tooth is partly or fully stuck under your gums. Removing wisdom teeth usually requires a surgical extraction. Dr. Thompson needs to cut open the gum tissue so he can extract your tooth. He may break the tooth into pieces before pulling it out.

Dr. Thompson provides aftercare instructions and support. Depending on the type of extraction and your unique situation, you may need to rest for a few days, eat soft foods, and/or take pain medication.

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